MOMÀ upholstery fabrics
fabrics for passion

MOMÀ is a company born from the passion for fabrics of histrionic founder Marco Mondini.
Located in Como, precisely in that elegant and refined area historically known for its textile tradition, MOMÀ manufactures products of high quality value supported by a continuous search for yarns, finishes and innovative treatments.

The collections are characterized by their ability to anticipate, their chromatic sensitivity and the possibility of personalizing them in the combinations of materials, designed to best interpret the needs of customers.

Solutions able to meet of a sophisticated market

To meet diversified needs, MOMÀ creates two distinct lines of products called “Made in Italy” and “Network” with which to meet of a sophisticated market.

Our customers come to us sure to find a qualified personnel able to offer optimal solutions to their expectations and a “stock support” service guaranteed by a warehouse ready for a rapid fullfillment of orders.